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Booking Fee: £500 (Non- refundable)


Perfect for complete beginners with no previous experience. 

A £500 Non-refundable deposit is needed to secure this course. The Remaining balance will then be due 7 days before Course date or via Finance.

This course is PERFECT for complete beginners who have no previous experience, who want to learn Lip Blush and Lip Neutralising. 

A FULL starter kit is included with this course ( Including the machine), with enough equipment for your first 10 clients!

Most SPMU lip courses within the UK only teach you Lip blush and do not teach  you Dark Lip Neutralising. This is a massive Bonus as once you have completed this course you will know all the fundamentals to be able to treat all types of clientele. 

There are three different course options to choose from

1. Lip Blush Training (2 day Course) Focuses on Fitzpatrick Clients 1-3

2. Lip Neutralising Training (2 Day Course) Focuses on Fitzpatrick Clients 4-6

3. Lip Blush and Lip Neutralising Training (3 Day Course) Focuses on Fitzpatrick 1-6

What is the difference between lip blush and lip neutralising training?

Lip Blush and Lip Neutralising have two completely different healing process's , Techniques , Pigments selection and target audience. 

LIP BLUSH (2).png
LIP BLUSH (2).png

Do I need Qualifications to do the Course?

No, for our beginners course you do not need any qualifications. This is classed as a complete beginners course where you will be able to obtain insurance once you have completed.

Our Kits

Our Beginners Course both include a fully stocked Kit including your machine, which will allow you to get started straight away.

The Models

Models will be provided for you, however if you wish to bring your own model please let me know upon booking.

Course Times

This training course starts at 10am. You can expect the day to finished around 6pm or earlier.

Will I Receive a Certificate?

After completion of the course you will be given a Certificate of Attendance. In order to gain full qualification for the Beginners course, you will need to complete 3 cases studies once you have finished the course within 3 -4 months. (Additional time can be granted for exceptional circumstances). 

  • 3 Day Intense Training

  • Full starter kit including machine and needles

  • Pre-study

  • Manuals are provided for all Practical Courses

  • Certificates are provided 

  • Product / Suppliers List will be given.

  • Consent / After Care Forms will be given.

  • Latex Practice 

  • Social Media Marketing 

  • On going Shadow days available. 



  • Interacting with other students is highly effective for your language development.


  • Mixed-level classes can help everyone learn more. The lower-level learners will be pushed more than if they were alone, and the higher-level learners can solidify their knowledge by helping others.

  • Learning off each other - Helping to boost confidence


  • The questions and additional information from the other learners in class can add extra information that the instructor didn't plan on teaching.


  • Learning in a group can take the pressure off of you.


  • You can make friends and business connections.

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