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Mentorship packages/ Prices:

2 Weeks: 2 Online Sessions + 2 Practical days) £1000

4 Weeks: 4 Online Sessions + 4 Practical days) £2000

6 Weeks: 6 Online Sessions + 6 Practical days) £3000


At Pose Aesthetics we believe that ensuring safe and effective evidence based practice is paramount, therefore, we provide you with all the knowledge and understanding of the Anatomy and Physiology of the skin and face to underpin all practical training.

A £250 Non-refundable deposit is needed to secure this course. The Remaining balance will then be due 7 days before Course date or can be financed ( See Below) 


1:1 MENTORSHIP | SUPPORT : Practical Sessions

| Person Practical Sessions | Online Zoom Sessions |


The aim of this mentorship is to make you feel more confident within your injecting skills. Starting your own business can be daunting, from not knowing how to gain clientele , to injecting your clients on your own or even struggling to find the models to practice on.

Within this industry, its commonly known that students who don’t utilize their skills straight away, often lose their confidence to inject clients which often results in them discontinuing their aesthetical journey or simply having to retake a new course to help refresh their memory. This is a waste of money.

This mentorship course is a perfect way to bridge that gap, and allows students to go straight into clinic once they have qualified with an experienced injector. As well as, allows Mentees to witness a clinical environment, interact with multiple clients whilst being supervised/ assisted through-out, preparing students for their own clinical setting.

 We believe, practice makes perfect. Student's will practice everything they have learnt on their foundation, advanced or master class course and will be assisted with implanting their skills in clinic, whilst being supervised by one of our medical practitioners. Not only does this mentorship program cover practical sessions, but it also includes 1-1 online zoom sessions tailored to the student's needs. Mentors will provide a clear direction and advice to student's and will draw on their expertise and experience to help the Mentee overcome obstacles, and think through problems.


We will advise mentees on career planning, and offer insight into business challenges using our own experiences.


Mentorship packages/ Prices:


2 Weeks: 2 Online Sessions + 2 Practical days) £1000

4 Weeks: 4 Online Sessions + 4 Practical days) £2000

6 Weeks: 6 Online Sessions + 6 Practical days) £3000

We Accept Payment Plans/ Finance 

(Payment Plans – Split into 4 accepted)


  • Klarna 

  • Clear pay 

  • Pay pal 3 

  • Lay buy / Aftercare 

  • Direct Debit Instalments

Entry Requirements: MUST already be within the industry :

This program is suitable for anyone who :

Newly Qualifed
Previously Qualified who need a refresh
Students who want to start 1:1 Supervised practicals as soon as they qualify.
Anyone in the industry who needs more support.


Suitable for both Medics and Non medics. You DO NOT need to be a Pose Student to be able take this course. We accept students who have initally trained elsewhere. ( Pose Students will be offered this mentorship at a discounted rate once they have completed their foundation/Basic course with us )


What will my practical days include?


  • 1-1 Guidance/ Support with a Nurse Practitioner

  • 1-1 Supervision whilst injecting. 

  • Practicing on Live Models 

  • Observing how a clinic operates. 

  • Answers to any questions you may have. 


Why Practical days are beneficial? 


  • Improves Confidence 

  • Boosts Knowledge 

  • Offers more practice

  • Improves injecting skills 

  • Complications Booster

  • Helps to prepare you for your own business/clinic. 

  • Offers additional support.

  • Creating Content


What will my online Zoom sessions include? 


  • 1:1 Personalised Zoom Sessions with your Mentor 

  • How to start off in business

  • Looking at your social media 

  • Creating Content/ Branding/ Marketing / Posts

  • Learning how to find models

  • Learning how to find clientele /Standing out

  • Perfecting your prices 

  • Practical Session Prep/ Review/ Planning. 

  • Career Planning – Planning for Next stages after Mentorship. 

  • + Additional Topics – Tailored to mentees needs. 


When will I have my sessions? 


SET DAYS: We will select a set day together for your practical sessions every week and a set day for your online zoom sessions every week. 



Sourcing Models


We ask Mentees to source their own models and invite them into clinic. We however will also help you with this and advertise for models as well, but this is mainly the mentee's duty as this is your learning day. The reason why we encourage for students to find their own models is because once your mentorship has completed, finding models/clientele is a crucial part in how your business stays alive, so it is important for us to motivate/ guide you into sourcing your own. 


What model treatments can I advertise? 

You should advertise for all treatment areas that were covered on your most up to date course – Current level. For Example: 


Beginners Foundation Dermal Filler 

  • Nasolabial Folds 

  • Marionette Lines 

  • Classic Lip Enhancement 

  • Dissolving 


Beginners Foundation Anti-Wrinkle (3 Areas)

  • Forehead Area

  • Glabella Area 

  • Crow’s Feet Area


Beginners Fat Dissloving

  • All Body Areas – Needles or Cannula


PLEASE NOTE : No advanced techniques or Masterclass techniques will be taught through-out the mentorship program, unless you have already trained within this level. The mentorship program is to help guide students and improve students confidence / experience within their current level that you have already been taught. If you would like to advanced your skills further and learn more treatments/ techniques, please contact us for our Advanced filler course or Lip Masterclass course.


Contact Information :



What's App : 07775945668


Please Note : Once you have Purchased this course, we will contact you to confirm your mentorship program/schedule. 


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