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To secure this mentorship program, we require a £500 Non-refundable booking fee which will be deducted from your total amount. The remaining balance will then be due 7 days before your start date.


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MENTORSHIP | SUPPORT : Business Matters

It's all about business!

When i first started Pose Aesthetics, I had no idea!, no clue, i new Zilch about running a business. Through many trials and errors is how Pose Aesthetics is successful today, however through-out my journey the one thing, i always wished i had , was support / mentorship in how to run a business.


When i first started the business in 2018 there was no mentorship available in the world of non-surgical aesthetics, it simply was not a thing.  Most of the training academies only taught you the skill in how to inject and the rest was down to you. 

Till this day, there is still a lack of support for all things business related in beauty and i would like to help change that. 


I made a promise that once i reached a level of success that i could feel comfortable in offering a mentorship program on all things business, i would.

My Goal is to help and guide people through-out this journey of learning how to run a business and teach you the skills , knowledge and strategies that will harness the full potential of your aesthetics business.


There is no longer a reason to figure it out on your own or struggle in the process like i once did. 

This mentorship program allows me to draw on my expertise and experience to help the Mentee/students overcome obstacles, and think through problems. Whilst also teaching you the fundamentals of running a business. 


Welcome to business matters mentorship program...

Starting your own business can be daunting, from not knowing how to gain clientele , creating content, managing expenses, advertising your services, plus everything else to do with business. 

This mentorship program is a perfect way to bridge that gap, and allows students to drive straight into their business with full confidence. 

This mentoring program is via online zoom sessions for 6 Weeks!


 Entry Requirements: MUST already be within the industry :

This program is suitable for anyone who :

  • Newly Qualified

  • Previously Qualified 

  • Anyone in the beauty industry who needs more support with business


Why mentorships beneficial? 


  • Promotes Career advancement

  • Promotes Personal Growth

  • Increases confidence

  • increases Network Opportunities 

  • Boosts Knowledge 

  • Skill Development 

  • Support


What does my mentorship include? 

  • 1-1 Guidance/ Support with a CEO Lauren

  • 1:1 Personalised Zoom Sessions with CEO Lauren

  • How to start off in business

  • Looking at your social media 

  • Creating Content/ Branding/ Marketing / Posts

  • Learning how to find models

  • Learning how to find clientele /Standing out

  • Perfecting your prices 

  • Business Planning and Strategy:

  • Developing a clear business plan.

  • Setting achievable business goals and objectives.

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Developing sales strategies and tactics.

  • Generate more sales 

  • Building and promoting a strong brand identity.

  • Developing effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

  • Career Planning – Planning for Next stages after Mentorship. 

  • Financial planning and budgeting.

  • Access information to an accountant. 

  • + Additional Topics – Tailored to mentees needs. 


When will I have my sessions? 


SET DAYS: We will select a set day/ time together for your sessions every week 


 Contact Information :



What's App : 07775945668



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