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To secure this mentorship program, we require a £500 Non-refundable booking fee which will be deducted from your total amount. The remaining balance will then be due 7 days before your start date.


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Do you have the desire to explore new avenues within your business but find yourself challenged in figuring out where to begin or how to introduce services that can boost your sales and income?

Growing your business and achieving this level of revenue can be a challenging, daunting but at the same time , extremely exciting!


I want you to know, that generating £10,000 in sales is 1000% achievable, so I have designed this mentorship program to provide you with the guidance, strategies, and support you need to make that dream a reality.

The scale to 10K Focuses on how you can generate more sales within your business without being burnt out 24/7.

The Scale to 10K Mentorship includes:


  • Personalised Zoom Sessions with the CEO of Pose Aesthetics


Key Topics we will focus/ teach you on:

  • Developing sales strategies and tactics.

  • Developing effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

  • How Ebooks can generate sales

  • How Digital Online Training can generate sales

  • How In person Training can generate sales

  • How Mentorship Programs can generate sales

  • How Subscription Services can generate sales

  • How Referral/ incentive programs can generate sales

  • Providing affordable Payments methods for your clients

  • How Promoting Upselling/ cross selling can generate sales

  • How promoting products can generate sales

  • How Hiring Staff/expanding can generate sales

  • Perfecting your social media Platforms

  • Perfecting your Content/Marketing Skills

  • Streamline your operations to reduce overhead costs.

  • Seam-lining your business - Smoothing out the cracks

  • Planning for Next stages after Mentorship.

  • + Tailored approach to suit the students business concerns. 


When will I have my sessions? 


SET DAYS: We will select a set day together online zoom sessions every week. 



 Contact Information :

What's App : 07775945668

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